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Мы осуществляем установку дорожных знаков, стоек дорожных знаков как на временных опорах, так и путем бетонирования в землю или асфальт. Так же устанавливаем указатели и информационные табло на подземных автостоянках.

This article will help you learn more about the main types of lifting equipment offered at Simplex

There is a variety of products in stock including the following options : 

There are several devices used for working at heights, each with their own specificities. To understand which one is suitable for your construction site, we will list the most important points to consider.

The work environment

The work environment is the first step in defining the type of equipment you need.

  1. The choice in power supply is based on where the machine will be used. If you are working indoors, an electric power supply is recommended. If you are working outside however, fuel, gas or a combination of both may be more suitable.
  2. Furthermore, the surface area on which the equipment will run will determine whether a standard machine or the four-wheel drive option is required.

Define the maximum working height you need

There are Boom lifts, forklifts and scissor lifts that allow you to work a different height. Our tallest boom lift can climb up to 135 feet!

The height at which you will be working allows you to define which equipment you need! To do this, measure the distance from the ground to the height of the job. We will advise you on the most cost-effective solution adapted to your needs.

To help you, refer to the maximum lifting height by type of equipment below:

  • Maximum forklift height is 240 inches.
  • Maximum Telehandler height is 54 feet.
  • Maximum Scissor lift height is 80 feet.
  • Maximum boom lift height 135 feet.
  • Maximum elevator height is 40 feet.

The role of each lifting equipment

The forklift

The forklift is a lifting and handling device that transfers loads in factories and warehouses. If you need a forklift for more than 200 hours per month, please contact one of our specialists to obtain the rental terms for this equipment

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The Elevator

The elevator is a construction machine used to facilitate access to heights. This machine provides a solution for carrying out maintenance, repair, upkeep or cleaning work. Its light weight allows it to be used in elevators.

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Scissor lift

Whether you choose electric or diesel, the Scissor lift is a very versatile piece of equipment which allows you to work independently on a site. The platform can accommodate several people but also makes it possible to avoid going back and forth by loading materials on the platform

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The Telehandler is not really a machine to work at heights and it does not lift people but only loads. It is often found in warehouses to accommodate storage needs at heights for loads that weigh up to 20,000 lbs.

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The Articulated boom Lift

The Articulated boom lift is a very versatile construction machine. Be careful however because the basket is small and does not allow you to load a lot of material. The capacity of the basket is 500 lbs.

Choose versatile equipment for your job

A machine can have several functions. It is possible to adapt a variety of lifting accessories in order to make your equipment more versatile and profitable.

Adapt the basket features to your needs.

The basket you are going to use must be adapted to your needs. Whether you are alone, with heavy tools on board or in a group, we will advise you on the maximum weight that the basket can support.

If you have any specific needs or questions: Contact us

Considering that you may have specific needs for renting lifting equipment, please contact us by phone, from the website or call a branch directly. Our team of professionals will answer your inquiries in order to make your project a reality.

We are at your disposal to help tackle your projects involving working at heights.


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