Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I open an account?

On our Web Site, you will find the section named “Open an account”. By clicking on this link, you will be able to download the necessary documentation and you will simply need to follow the instructions outlined in the document. Once you have submitted the form, an account opening analysis will be performed by one of our agents, and a member of our staff will communicate with you as quickly as possible.

What are the advantages of opening an account?
  1. The customer will be able to rent high-value equipment
  2. A deposit is not required
  3. Payment within thirty days
  4. Faster transaction for the customer
Can I return the rented tools in the branch of my choice?

Yes, for most of our tools you can return them to the branch of your choice, however there are some exceptions such as trailers and some specialized tools.

Can I return the rented equipment to the branch or workshop of my choice?

For certain equipment, this is not a problem, however, it’s best to validate this information when finalizing the contract.

Is there a special weekend rate for renting equipment?


Am I eligible for a discount on my rental if I have a business account and I am a CAA member?

Either one will make you eligible for a discount – whichever provides the greatest advantage will be applied to your rental.

Am I eligible for a discount on my rental if I am a member of CORPIQ?

Yes absolutely, our discount agreement is renewed annually.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes however, you must always confirm availabilities.

Do you pick up on weekends?


How much is the deposit?

The cost of the deposit depends on the duration and the value of the tools or equipment rented.

What are the payment methods for the deposit and for my rental? Can I make a deposit using one payment method but pay my final bill another payment method?

Absolutely. The deposit could be made via your credit card and the final bill could be paid with cash or credit card. Please note, however that during COVID-19, we do not accept cash.

How does the weekend rate work? What equipment/tools are eligible for this flat rate?

All our tools are eligible for the weekend rate. The price generally works out to 1.5 times the price for the day. Unless agreed upon with the branch, this does not apply to equipment.

If I rent equipment for the weekend but only return it on Monday after 9:00 AM, am I charged the weekend +1 day rate? What rates should I pay?

The rental fee depends on the hour at which you return the equipment.

The system grands a grace period of 1 hour after the expected return time.

After this period, the charge amounts to 3 days.


How do I get a Simplex catalog?

The “web” catalogue is available via our web site simplex.ca.

How much is the deposit?

250% of the total rental amount before taxes.

What is the 7.9%?

The 7.9% is a fee that all our customers must pay.

It covers the repairs of the rented tool if that the tool has been used correctly, otherwise the customer will be invoiced an amount equivalent to the repair which includes the parts and labor.

Do you provide insurance for theft?

No. Each customer is responsible for insuring theft with their insurance company.

We strongly suggest that you validate this information with your insurance company.

What are your closing/opening hours?

You have 2 options :

We suggest that you visit our website where the opening hours are indicated in the “Найдите филиал” section.

The second option is to call a branch directly.

Please be aware that our hours may vary from branch to branch and at different times of the year.

Do you sell equipment/tools?

We only sell our tools. Our equipment is usually sold at various auctions.

If you wish to buy tools, you can contact one of our branches who will be happy to provide you with the information.

Do you have an email address where I can send you my PO?

In fact, it all depends on who you spoke to. If in doubt, you can send your PO to the following address: serviceclientele@simplex.ca

Do you offer training courses?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of training services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (514) 222-2222 or visit our web site www.simplex.ca and click on the “Training” section

Do you do maintenance on machinery not belonging to Simplex?

Yes. Simplex offers maintenance and repair services.

We also have a dedicated team who offer this service either directly on site with our customers or in one of our workshops.

The service team can be reached at (450) 435-0605 or by email at reparation@simplex.ca

What is the earliest delivery time?

Normally a delivery is done at around 7:00AM, however, availability must always be validated.

If this time slot does not work for you, please note that we can deliver the equipment 1-day prior without charging you for that additional day.

We also provide the option of an emergency delivery outside of normal business hours, in which case additional fees may apply.

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